Bowers Family

Our great friends, the Bowers, decided to move away.  Sad Face!  Thankfully for us and their other friends in our town, they are only moving to Wenatchee, so only a short drive away!  We will sure miss them though!!!

I took these recent photos the week before they packed up and headed east of the mountains at the end of June.  We had a blast capturing all parts of their fun personalities and including the three pups!

I have had the pleasure of capturing their family from the very start of my photography career….all the way back to when I didn’t understand the exposure triangle completely or anything about editing.   They have always trusted me with their family’s big moments these last 7 years of my career and I will always be thankful for them.  Thanks guys for believing in me and encouraging me along the way!

I am mostly thankful though for their amazing friendship over the past 10 years.  The photography aside, we have had some amazing memories as friends!

Dear Bowers Family,

I hope these latest photos will be a wonderful reminder of what life was like here on the west side but I really hope I can still capture you all for many years to come…maybe in the rocking chairs someday;)   You have been a real blessing to our family!

I am so excited for this new adventure you are on, your new home and new town…..and I am jealous of all that sun too!  We will visit lots!

Lots of love,



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